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I have used one of the stories and recreating it by using mix media to tell the story from the husbands perspective.

Before starting the brief, I looked into a short story on BBC Sounds- Anthony and Zakk about 'Where is home?'. From that, I picked out a quote and created a 3D model of being in nature. Then transformed that into a book cover- using Adobe Photoshop. The font I used was 210 Dongwhacaek, I used this because the font is playful. This font is curvy, a bit of movement and eye-catching. I have used templates and myself to imagine what the bookwould be like in real life.

Here is the process of how I managed to design 5 prints by retelling the story about a husband and this two wives. I wanted to look into the husbands perspective, imagining what the two wives look like. Thinking about the character, objects and locations. I experimented different techniques- comic version story using limited colours. As well working on Haptic surfaces using the heat press.

Final outcome of the five prints. The materials I have used were; coloured card, felt, tissue paper and colour felt pens. I wanted to paper size to be square shape as it represents a building blocks of a house.

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