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Third Space Book Community

My theme of my third space was around a bookstore- Waterstones. I created a series of digital illustrations and words from overhearing conversations. Prints include illustrations drawn to scenes of how people read and visually look at their facial expressions.

Retelling a Story Folklore Story

I have created a body of work before starting the main project. From listening to BBC Radio about ‘Where is Home?’ I wanted to think visually and used a sentence that was used. All about nature. Creating a 3D image and taking images from different angles. To then create a book cover using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The main concept is to work from the husband's perspective. Imagining what he sees and feels, thinking how he wants his wives to dress and lifestyle. The key themes were, objects, locations and characters. By experimenting with different materials, my overall outcome was to create 5 mix media prints, working with; tissue paper, pens, card and felt/haptic surfaces.

Obscured hidden

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