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Living In The After Community based project

A kinetic type animation which targets veterans and civilians to understand the behind the scenes of what it is like to be in the Military. As there has been a lack of communication and acknowledgement in today's society. 


Throughout the interviews, questionnaires and films and articles, I understand my community clearer and their perspective on the topic which isn't rarely spoken about.


I have showcased a range of experiments from illustrations to zine to creating my own typefaces- using Adobe Illustrator. To think about what fonts and colours to use and how to contrast each audio to come together.

House book Meaningful Book Design

A house book that illustrates the text of ‘A Sheltered Woman’ by Yiyun Li. This was an interesting visualisation because Auntie Mei was more hidden than being open. I wanted the book to represent being protected as well hidden. A home that feels secured and natural. 


Using a zig zag stitch to symbolise the dark and light moments throughout the books.As it is a book but a house book, entering the house to feel sheltered and protected. On the front cover, I worked on letter stamps to feel personal and protective as it is Auntie Mei’s book.

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